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Giornale degli Economisti e Annali di Economia (GdE), a four-monthly, Bocconi University publication, is the Italian economics journal with the longest tradition and widest international circulation. The journal welcomes submissions in two areas which currently do not find adequate outlets in Italian and foreign journals:

  1. Economic policy issues relevant for Italy. The journal invites submission of applied and institutional papers dealing in a rigorous, up-to-date, and timely fashion with policy issues which can be of relevance for the Italian economic debate. To fulfill the journal's aim of disseminating serious empirical research on the Italian economy outside of the country, such articles must be in English. These contributions are seldom considered by international journals, since they are too country-specific. In this field the journal will rely on the special interest of the many Italian economists working abroad.
  2. Critical surveys of recent developments in the theoretical and empirical literature. This will allow scholars, and sometimes students, to access compact reviews of selected topics on the research frontier. Often these papers, though very useful, are not published because they do not contain original contributions. The journal will sometimes consider the possibility of commissioning surveys of this type. These articles could also include joint reviews of several books, as well as deep and exhaustive discussions of important topical works.

Contributions to the Giornale degli Economisti in both areas will have to satisfy first rate professional standards and will undergo a refereeing process. The journal will do its best to speed up this process and secure timely publication.

Papers submitted for publication in the Giornale degli Economistis should be sent to the Editorial Office at

The editorial team hopes that the newly focused editorial project will further strengthen its reputation and widen its readership.

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