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Il Giornale degli Economisti e Annali di Economia
CURRENT ISSUE: Year 125 - Vol. 71 - N. 1 October 2012

Papers from the XXII SIEP Annual Conference

Introduction: Massimo Bordignon, Elena Granaglia, Daniela Monacelli

Matthew effects and R&D Subsidies: Knoledge Cumulability in High-Tech and Low-Tech Industries

C. Antonelli, F. Crespi

The Strenghts and Failures of Incentive Mechanisms in Notional Defined Contribution Pension Systems

A. Marano, C. Mazzaferro and M. Morciano

European Emission Trading Scheme and Environmental Innovation: an empirical Analysis using CIS Data for Italy

S. Borghesi, G. Cainelli and M. Mazzanti

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